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Home Care Aide

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Provides various individualized patient care activities and related non-professional household services necessary in caring for the personal needs and comfort of patients. Patient care activities should be carried out in a safe and courteous manner according to the agency mission.


1. Six months to one year experience in an acute care facility, home health agency or nursing home

within the last 24 months is required and HCFA training.

2. Meets HCFA requirements for training competency as a home care aide.

3. Home care aide participation in the agency’s orientation and competency program.

4. Availability of transportation during working hours.

5. Ability to read, write and carry out instructions.


1. Responsible for rendering personal care services to clients in a safe, efficient and courteous


2. This individual may report to the Director, Supervisor, Registered Nurse; Physical Therapist; Speech

Therapist or Occupational Therapist.


1. Completes appropriate and accurate records of patient visits, mileage and daily visit records in a

timely manner while maintaining confidentiality. Documentation is complete, legible and submitted

at a minimum of one time a week.

2. Follows HCA assignment sheet (care plan) in performing job duties.

3. Assists patients to achieve maximum self-reliance in daily activities.

4. Performs or assists patients with bath, care of mouth, skin, hair, nails, and other personal care as


5. Assists patients in and out of bed and assists with ambulation, with or without assistive devices.

Turns and repositions patients.

6. Assists patients to bathroom, use of urinal, bedpan or commode.

7. Assists with prescribed exercises which patients and home care aides have been taught by

appropriate health personnel.

8. Prepares meals and assists patient with eating.

9. Assists patients in keeping home environment safe and pleasant.

10. Performs household services and light housekeeping duties which may be necessary to prevent or

postpone institutionalization or facilitate self-care at home.

11. Performs and records temperature, pulse, respirations and BP every visit.

12. Performs at least 32 visits per week if full time.

13. Coordinates care with RN case manager.

14. Maintains privacy during personal care activities.

15. Reports changes in the patient’s medical, nursing, rehabilitative and social needs or home

environment to appropriate licensed professional.

16. Supports the mission and goals of Alternative Home Health, Inc.

17. Schedules patient visits and daily routines in an organized, efficient manner.

18. Ability to navigate to patient’s residence in a safe and efficient manner and be able to enter patient’s

residence to perform services.

19. Adheres to the agency’s policies and procedures.

20. Attends staff meetings, 12 hours of in-service training per calendar year and provides input in

planning patient care.

21. Participates in agency Quality Improvement activities.

22. Reports barriers to treatment to appropriate personnel.

23. The Home Care Aide will be permitted to perform specialized tasks not covered in the basic

checklist after appropriate training and competency from appropriate agency personnel.


1. Applies binders, prostheses, and other supportive devices as instructed.

2. May only give a verbal cue as a reminder to the patient to take medications.

3. Performs other duties as assigned.


Continuing education requirements according to OBRA

1. OSHA requirements:

a. Observance of Universal Precautions

b. Engineering and Work Practice Controls

c. Use of Personal Protective Equipment

d. Hepatitis B Vaccine, if desired

e. Communication of Hazards - In-service annually

2. Personal Requirements:

a. Recognizes the special needs of patients and others in the home.

b. Presents self in a neat and professional manner according to Alternative Home Health, Inc.

dress code.

c. Communicates effectively both orally and in writing with coworkers, patients, families, etc.

d. Organizes and manages work time efficiently.

e. Initiates continued learning and improvement of skills.

f. Maintains the following qualities: dependability, co-operation, honesty, service-oriented, thoroughness and commitment.

g. Able to follow direction.

h. Able to deal effectively with demands of the job.

3. Physical and Mental Requirements:

a. Physical - standing, walking, sitting, lifting, driving, pulling, climbing: (stairs, ramps, in-out

vehicles), head and neck movement, movement across mid-line

b. Coordination - balancing, handling, fingering, controls: (buttons, knobs, pedals), grasp, finger

dexterity, manual dexterity, motor coordination

c. Mental - alertness, precision, ingenuity, problem solving, memory, concentration

d. Interpersonal - Talking, persuasiveness, handling people, judgment, initiative, patience

e. Perception - Feeling, seeing, hearing, clerical perception, auditory (hearing) discrimination,

tactile (touch) discrimination, olfactory (smell) discrimination

f. Equipment Usage: (1) Telecommunications equipment - telephone, fax, pager, copy machine.

(2) Ambulatory assistive devices for patient mobility.

(3) Analog clock for taking vital signs.

(4) Thermometer for body temperature reading.

(5) Hospital bed for patient comfort.

(6) Home appliances to perform household services.

(7) Sphygmomanometer for recording BP.

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